Hamburg Homes Terms of Business:

1. Scope

These terms and conditions govern the legal relationship between you, the property owner and HAMBURG HOMES. Upon comfirming your booking, you assume legal responsibility and acknowledgement of this content of these terms.

2. Booking Request/Contract

2.1 Upon booking your request you agree to a binding contract. Your reservation may be made in writing, orally or by telephone. Your request at that point is not yet justified but entitles you to assume a contract with HAMBURG HOMES.

2.2 The contract between you and the landlord is only concluded when your booking request by HAMBURG HOMES is confirmed in writing or by e- mail and the terms and conditions are accepted by you.

3. Services and Prices

3.1 The scope of the contractual services and the prices resulting are created  from the Terms of Reference of the offer and of the information in the booking confirmation. The cost of electricity. water, heating and cleaning are included in the rate.

3.2 The agreed prices include applicable VAT. When there are discrepancies between the information in the offer and the booking confirmation, specifications will be made in the booking confirmation

3.3 The contract is binding and final, and will not be ammended as a result of late arrival and/ or early departure due to illness or other, the responsibility will not be assumed by the landlord or HAMBURG HOMES for reasons previously stated, and you will not have claims to a proportional refund.

4. Deposit / Payment

Deposit and payment are obliged to be made after receiving the booking confirmation. The entire amount of the stay must be paid no later than 14 days before your arrival. If the complete amount is agreed upon, it is to be credited to the account of HAMBURG HOMES 14 days before arrival and/or HAMBURG HOMES is entitled to collect and the full amount in cash before you have received the keys.

5. Cancellation by the tenant/ and cancellation cost

5.1 You are entitled at any time to withdraw before the start of your trip and the withdrawl must be given in written confirmation. If no cancellation is received or there is failure to travel on your part, we are entitled to be informed and our expenses incurred.

5.2 In the case of cancellation of the booking the following cancellation fees are applicable:

  • From reservation to 5 days before arrival
  • 5 – 2 days before arrival 50% of rental
  • From 2 days before arrival or no-show 80% of rental

5.3 This is based on the calculation in each individual case and based on the originally agreed total price. HAMBURG HOMES is responsible for the staggering of access of your cancellation notice. The proof of descrepencency is said renters responsibility.

6. Subletting/Substitute tenant

6.1 The subletting of the provided accomodation and its use for purposes other than accommodation require prior written permission.

6.2 If you have a spare traveler the same terms apply for the questions asked for said period of time or we can lease the property, with a rebooking fee of 10% of the price, but at least  at a 20,- EUR re-calculation. However, this requires that we are given due notice before renting and a new binding contract is present, so that the necessary dispositions may be met.

6.3 If a substitute traveler deviating only within these conditions (example group size or other rental period etc.) is found, the original customer is responsible for the difference between the old and new travel price and changed fee invoice.

7. Withdrawal from the owner

7.1 If there is an agreed advanced payment according to §5 Paragraph.1 required payment after lapse is not paid within the grace period allowed by HAMBURG HOMES, the lessor is to withdraw from the entitled contract.

7.2 In addition, the landlord is entitled to justifiable cause from contract withdrawl under extraordinary circumstances, for example the destruction of property or other circumstances not attributable to the performance of the contract; for example misleading or false information regarding material. Facts, such as the identity of the customer or the purpose of their stay, are noted; in Violation of §6.1 is present which allows justified rescission without claim and the renter has no claim to compensation. And said renter should seek alternative accomodation.

8. Accommodation/Takeover/ Return

8.1 The keys are given upon arrival either personally on site or through the automated key dispenser system. More details can be obtained directly from booking by HAMBURG HOMES .

8.2 Your booked housing is available from 3:00 pm on the agreed day of arrival. You are not entitled to an earlier provision. If circumstances make a key handover impossible an alternative should be discussed individually.

8.3 The key must be returned by 11:00 am. The flat must be left on time so said housing may be prepared for the next guest. The keys are to be left on departure of said housing.

8.4 Upon request, an individual may request a ” Late check out”  and an additional fee will be agreed upon, provided the housing is not directly rented.

9. Asset/Obligation to cooperate/Warranty/Exclusion of claims

9.1 You as a tenant of the property and any co-users agree to treat the property and associated inventory with care. You are responsible for missing and/or damaged items and inventory. All rights reserved by HAMBURG HOMES.

9.2 Damage ascertained immediately after arrival or later, are to be reported to HAMBURG HOMES immediately. It is recommended to leave such damage on display if they are not disturbing you.

9.3 You are required under the statutory provisions, with any disruptions to do everything reasonable to remedy the damage done also note, the failure to keep possibly existing damage to a minimum will be considered if further damage is accrued. These loss mitigations requires that complaints are immediately notified with Heimathafen staff. A culpable breach of this duty to cooperate can lead to a reduction or exclusion of claims lead damages immediately ascertained.

10. Miscellaneous

10.1 Assignment: The property may be beyond the capacity specified in the booking of persons who are occupying it. In case of overcrowding Heimathafen authorized an additional appropriate renumeration per person for the period of over-occupancy demand.

10.2 Noise Pollution: Do not disturb the neighbors. Please make allowances for everyday and appropriate background noise, for example, by construction workers. In the case of road works or other extra noise not within the boundaries of the building, we are not responsible. There is no right to compensation.

10.3 Pets are not allowed and only in exceptional cases after prior approval by HAMBURG HOMES welcome.

10.4 valuables: There is no liability for lost or stolen valuables. Take a precautionary measure that you have liability insurance and personal liability insurance if any damage occurs.

10.5 Smoking: Smoking is prohibited within all properties.

10.6 Parking: If a parking spot is part of the booking, use at your own risk. If your vehicle is not the size that should fit into the parking spot/ parking lot, there is no right or reduction to the reservation. We are not liable for any illegally parked vehicles.

11. Invalidity of individual clauses

An invalidity of individual provisions does not invalidate the overall business result conditions.